How To Protect a Million Dollar in Cyber War

/ How To Protect a Million Dollar in Cyber War

Are you aware of the threats that will cost you million dollars?

Attackers are targeting businesses running on line through internet in an increasing rate.

Being a target for them is easier than you think. If you are on -line, if you are known then you are an open target. Web sites running e-Commerce , banking transactions,  backend data exchange through internet , all of these are perfect target for cyber criminals.

Not only it will cost you money but also will cost you reputation as well. Your opponents will use this situation against you without hesitation which will bring damage you your brand and invaluable reputation you got over years.

Major industries threatened by DDoS Attackers:


Banking is becoming more and more visible for attackers that is against the financial system established in specific country. Due to banks’ very high visibility,  this industry is becoming more and more attractive for hacktivists. Being a center of DDoS motivation , banking industry shall consider how to protect their business on-line today more than yesterday  since they become critical element of national financial transactions as well.


e-Commerce has gone under transformation more than ever. First payment at the door was the method. As soon as payment transactions and necessary security measures become widely available and accepted, today billions of dollars worth transactions are completed through internet.This online availability has transformed retail industry as a whole. Now second phase begins. There is a need to protect the “availability” of online e-commerce services which is the main business itself. Biggest challenge is to achieve 7×24 availability on-line since not having physical shops. If you have your “shop” shut down for several hours, results can be unmeasurable in  terms of financial metrics.

Online Press and Media

Online Media is increasing  its subscriber base in an incremental rate each year. This is putting additional pressure for growth on all domains of online media such as newspapers, magazines, streaming sites , content distributors. The most improtant thing for online media, being publicly present , is making them a best target to aim. Full public visibility with several hundreds of thousands subscribers impacted, nothing could make them better target than anyone else. Loosing advertisement incomes and very valuable reputation are several side impacts for these types of companies. For this purpose on-line press and media is under a threat  of their business being disrupted by anyone that has enough motivation.

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