How to Improve Network Performance

General effort to fix the wireless network performance involves resetting the device and fiddling with the router. These efforts at times pay off quite well. In order to improve the network performance; it is best to understand how it works and rather than experimenting and wasting time, proper steps should be taken that fit its technicality.
When your routine revolves around internet, bad speed can become quite a disturbance and issue for efficiency. Here are a few tips that will allow better network performance;

  • Know your Network

The first and basic thing to know before blaming the network performance is to know your network. Which network do you use? People tend to make wrong choices. Similarly, when it comes to wireless network connections, you may have made a bad choice on a friend’s recommendation. It is possible that the services are not good in particular areas only and that is exactly where you live. It is best to change the network in such a case.

  • Location

One of the general mistakes people make is wrong location of the router. This device should be placed with great care. Generally when the technician comes over to install the device he places it in a place which would allow best possible performance. If so is not the case, test different places in the house and place the router where it performs best.

  • Bandwidth

It is important to know your subscribed bandwidth. If your limit is exceeded, then certainly the performance will drop. You can try and compress your data to save some bits. Furthermore, if the performance is not up to the allowed bandwidth, then report the network personnel so they can repair the faulty connection.

  • Acceleration

At times it is not the network performance that is poor but a webpage maybe loaded with traffic that slows down the access. You can make use of protocol accelerators that remove the bottleneck and allow the site to be accessed at a normal pace.

  • Junk Management

Junk data is another reason that is quite likely to disturb the network’s performance. The more the internet is used; the more junk is collected on the way. It is best to keep junk off the network to save bits and improve network performance. Make a long run investment by downloading spam shields and anti-virus to block junk traffic.

  • Updates

Keep your adapter drivers updates. Manufacturers tend to change and update their devices constantly; which means about once in a month. Get in touch with the updates and changes and have them installed to improve speed and the performance of wireless network.

  • Router

“Wireless Network” and its performance circles around the router you use. Firstly make sure your modem and router are from the same company. Also, router providers often claim a signal delivery distance that it does not actually offer. When purchasing a router make sure you get one that offers more distance than you require, just to be safe.

In case of trouble with network performance, it should always be kept in mind that there might be a temporary problem with the network, so give it some time before you start looking for ways to fix it or change it. In case of emergency it is best not to tamper with the device and contact the network personnel for information and help.