Keeping your iCloud Data Storage Safe from Hackers

Importance of iCloud Security

When iCloud was first introduced, the utility and ease it offered won over everyone. But with the good comes the bad, and despite all its convenience, security issues are always emerging and it is imperative to understand the importance of putting into practice certain measures that make Cloud computing more secure and hack-proof.

Security Tips

Even for regular users it is difficult to explain the rudiments of how exactly iCloud data storage and backup works. Despite wanting to, users are unsure as to what steps to take to tighten their security and end up vulnerable to hackers and risk losing and/or misuse of their data. The following safety measures will help you relax and enjoy the benefits of iCloud.

  • Cloud Security Services

For large scale business enterprises looking to fortify their security nets, Cloud Computing Services are no less than mandatory. You can find a list of companies offering such services, but an ISO 27001 certification guarantees that you are working with the best. Labris Networks is one cloud security service company. It combines managed services with its Cloud Security Appliances to tackle all threats to your private cloud. This package enhances the protection levels within your private network and secures your connections to your private cloud. Labris Cloud Security Appliance inculcates the company’s expertise in cloud networking to present you with the best options for your enterprise network’s security.

  • Secure Passwords

The most common mistakes that most users make: easy passwords like abcd or simply their name and birth year, which may also be revealed in their username. If you want to maintain the security of your accounts this is the simplest and most crucial measure you need to implement. Make them long with special characters, digits and uppercase/lowercase text.

  • Two Factor Authentication Key

Having a strong password is great but supplementing that with an auto-alert sent at the time of login so that you need to enter a password and a code that has been sent to you via SMS or on another account makes it safer.

  • Setting up Pass Codes on All Devices

Hackers can be unimaginably cunning and if you do not have locks and passwords setup on your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. They can gain access to all your files by connecting it to a computer and copying all of them. This can be easily executed if a user pass code isn’t asked each time your phone/tablet is plugged into a remote device.  Once access to these files is gained, a seasoned hacker can get former security credentials and use the information to break into all your accounts.

  • Keep Your OS Updated

Ensuring that you have the latest software version guarantees that you have the latest security plug-ins and your OS doesn’t have security holes.

It is wise to act smart and stay updated and apply seucirty best practices. Be one step ahead of the sharks out there.