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Labris Networks is listed as one of the “Key Innovators” in MarketsandMarkets’ DDoS Protection and Mitigation Market – Forecast to 2021 Report.

The research report, segments the DDoS protection market by Component (Solution, and Service), Application Area (Network, Application, Database, and Endpoint), Deployment Mode, Organization Size, Vertical, and Region. Labris Networks is listed as one of Key Innovators in the 15th chapter of the report with its AI (Artifical Intelligence) based L7, CPE DDoS Mitigation product line and integrated SOC and CERT services.Labris Networks is the game changer player in the market with its technology and business model innovations. About MarketsandMarkets: MarketsandMarkets is the largest market research firm worldwide in terms of premium market research reports published annually. Serving 1,700 Fortune organizations globally with more than 1200 premium studies in a year, MarketsandMarkets caters to multitude of clients across 12 different industry verticals. Author Details: Shreyas Waikar Industry Analyst, Information Security at MarketsandMarkets Additional information is reachable from the report’s page.

Labris Networks has released 2016 Cyber Security Report and 2017 Forecast

Classic network threats have been evolved to threats that are encrypted and disguised in application traffics. Labris Networks has released 2016 Cyber Security Report. The report is published in the light of cyber treats responded by Labris Security Operations Center (SOC) throughout the year. The report also provides insights to the year 2017. Read the full report and the statistics from In 2016, cyber-attacks attempted to threaten daily life of the people. Countries used cyber-attacks as a tool to impact and suppress each other. Yet, the bright side is while the level of treats is increasing, the awareness to these is growing beyond the specialized authorities. From the highest government representatives to the regular citizens who are not even computer literate, the consciousness has been more and more advanced. It has been accepted that cyber-attacks are the natural part of […]

Labris was one of the finalists in the International IMP³rove Innovation Competition

Labris Networks was one of the finalists in the International IMP³rove Innovation Competition. CTO of Labris Networks received award from Turkish Exporters Assembly Chairman. Seçkin Gürler, CEO Labris Networks, says, “Innovation is the driving force behind healthy growth and competitive advantage. In the cybersecurity business, it is the unique superiority required in the battlefield of intelligent minds. The IMP³rove Assessment should be experienced by every player competing globally and act as an objective innovation measurement framework.”    

IT Security Conference

Labris Networks will attend IT Security Conference 2015 , which is held on 17 – 20th of September 2015 in Istanbul. Oğuz Yılmaz who is the CTO of Labris Networks, will make a presentation about building a strong cyber defense.

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