Labris Networks has released 2016 Cyber Security Report and 2017 Forecast

Classic network threats have been evolved to threats that are encrypted and disguised in application traffics.

Labris Networks has released 2016 Cyber Security Report. The report is published in the light of cyber treats responded by Labris Security Operations Center (SOC) throughout the year. The report also provides insights to the year 2017. Read the full report and the statistics from

In 2016, cyber-attacks attempted to threaten daily life of the people. Countries used cyber-attacks as a tool to impact and suppress each other. Yet, the bright side is while the level of treats is increasing, the awareness to these is growing beyond the specialized authorities. From the highest government representatives to the regular citizens who are not even computer literate, the consciousness has been more and more advanced. It has been accepted that cyber-attacks are the natural part of the process while analyzing the critical daily events.

“Attacks and defense are getting smarter”

Need for cyber security products that have artificial intelligence and can scan on the application level is becoming critical. The increasing speed of the traffic and the growing need for inspection performance make it essential that different tasks should be done on different network layers.

The percentage of DDoS attacks performed on L7 application has been reached up to 69%. This reveals the fact that L7 DDoS inspection products with artificial intelligence and located on the entrance of the network as CPE, have become a fundamental defense line.

“Significance of services delivered by trusted experts is increasing”

It is highly critical that services like Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) should be delivered in a competitive market.

It becomes necessary that security layers should be developed with trusted parties, cyber security awareness of all computer users to be increased; and cyber security of the entities to be supported by local cyber security centers in order to be a forerunner in the cyber space.

This detailed report published by Labris Networks, aims to increase the awareness of the entire private, government and military entities against the risks. Labris Networks highlights the preventions against security risks cannot be achieved merely with the product but with a unified solution including product, service and know-how.

Read the full report and the infographics from