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Did Facebook and Instagram get hit by DDoS attack?

After the outage of some popular web services including Facebook and Instagram, possibility of a cyber attack is being considered. Labris Networks, which provides cyber security for over 3,500 middle and high level corporations and organizations including military organizations, ministries and privately held companies in more than 20 countries with its product family consisting of HARPP DDoS Mitigator Cyber Warfare Tool, made a statement about the reasons of this latest case and the extent of DDoS threat via company’s CTO Oğuz Yılmaz. After the outage of some popular web services including Facebook and Instagram, possibility of cyber attack is being considered. Labris Networks, which developed Turkey’s first national firewall in 2003, Turkey’s first native UTM product in 2005 and is capable of instant monitoring and control in its Security Operations Center, made a statement about the latest event. “In our […]

Top Tips for Battling Against Software Viruses

The types and modes of transmission of viruses have become so varied that it is a Herculean task to have your system entirely free of any virus for any length of time. Even definition of virus is not enough for describing these code blocks and they are started to be called as malware as a general word. A rogue infection caught during file transfers, uploads/downloads, internet browsing, malicious malware caught from an unsecured website or an infected ancillary device (USB, portable hard drive, microSD card) – a multitude of system threats are waiting to latch onto your system and wreak havoc. Since the advent of the new millennium, internet has exploded on the technological front while concurrently intensifying security hazards. Understanding the threats will help you safeguard your computer software against potential and existing virus attacks. Client Based Protection Install […]

How to Improve Network Performance

General effort to fix the wireless network performance involves resetting the device and fiddling with the router. These efforts at times pay off quite well. In order to improve the network performance; it is best to understand how it works and rather than experimenting and wasting time, proper steps should be taken that fit its technicality. When your routine revolves around internet, bad speed can become quite a disturbance and issue for efficiency. Here are a few tips that will allow better network performance; Know your Network The first and basic thing to know before blaming the network performance is to know your network. Which network do you use? People tend to make wrong choices. Similarly, when it comes to wireless network connections, you may have made a bad choice on a friend’s recommendation. It is possible that the services […]

Facts on Cybercrime Threats in Turkey

As the use of internet increases, so does cyber crime. With no or less protection on a website, the access to data becomes easy to approach. Cyber criminals around the globe can access data on poorly protected websites and can use it against the interests of the site owner. In emerging countries the risk of encountering cybercrime is greater as compared to others. Turkey is one of these countries with an increased cybercrime probability with the increased use of internet. Cyber Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has made an extensive research over cybercrime that is being and is to be faced by Turkey. CSIS made use of vast networks of sensors to detect botnet activities. Statistical results on cyber infections have also been developed. The findings of this study mainly focus on the fact that Turkey is more exposed to cybercrime […]

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