Security as a Service

IBM SmartCloud

Security as a serviceLabris Cloud Security line of products for secure cloud networking is designed to serve you from IBM SmartCloud Enterprise , only cloud service that has ISO 27001 certification.

Cloud Security on the IBM Cloud

Labris Cloud  Appliances provide you best protection in the cloud where you scale on demand without compromising security.

Three product lines serve the best fit for purpose.

Labris Next Generation Cloud UTM on IBM SmartCloud is designed to guard the door of your cloud network with next generation DPI engine working together with best of breed anti-spam , anti-virus filter produced by Labris.

Labris Cloud Load Balancer on IBM SmartCloud  is the controller for your on demand capacity and protector of your cloud costs managing your resources and deciding to scale up and down whenever necessary.

Labris Cloud Logging Appliance on IBM SmartCloud is designed to consolidate all necessary logs for compliance and sign it with PKI certificate to ensure integrity of the logs. Evidence for internet access is kept on here for regulatory compliance and logs can be accessed from the device.

For reliable cloud  network security product, look no further than Labris Next Generation UTM. With its integrated  and globally certified security gateway software options, Labris Next Generation UTM will be indispensable and long-term product for your threat detection and prevention needs.

Labris Next Generation Cloud UTM
Traffic (Base) Traffic (DPI)
Copper 32 30 Mbps 5 Mbps
Bronze 32
Silver 32 70 Mbps 10 Mbps
Gold 32 150 Mbps 20 Mbps
Copper 64 70 Mbps 10 Mbps
Bronze 64
Silver 64 150 Mbps 30 Mbps
Gold 64 300 Mbps 70 Mbps
Platinum64 600 Mbps 80 Mbps
Platinum m2 64 1000 Mbps 100 Mbps

Plug & go logging appliance for your network that also ensures compatibility with Turkish 5651 Law powered by IBM SmartCloud  You can log traffics in your cloud with minimum effort. Traffic is stored on internal disk. Time-stamping service assures you on log integrity. Ultimate insurance for evidence collection.

Labris Cloud Lawful Interception
Log Perf. Traffic
Copper 32 200 rows/sec 5 Mbps
Bronze 32 200 rows/sec 5 Mbps
Silver 32 400 rows/sec 12 Mbps
Gold 32 1000 rows/sec 30 Mbps
Copper 64 400 rows/sec 12 Mbps
Bronze 64 400 rows/sec 12 Mbps
Silver 64 1000 rows/sec 30 Mbps
Gold 64 2000 rows/sec 60 Mbps
Platinum 64 4000 rows/sec 150 Mbps
Platinum-M2-64 6000 rows/sec 200 Mbps

Labris Load Balancer is an appliance to provide load balancing in the application level. It serves for the aims of load balancing, high availability, life checking purposes of a system. System means several number of computers and software for a common purpose.

How Does Labris Cloud LB Works?

Labris LB software gets the request for the protocol on a defined port. The request is redirected to farm member servers according to several policies. In typical configuration, responses of members are sent to the requester through load balancer software as gateway. In several other configurations, tunneling and direct response are possible. You can use several schedulers for redirection. Some of these are, round robin, least connected, weighted round robin, weighted least connected, destination hash. Also, framework allows to plugin your own scheduler.

Scheduling & Reliability

Health and Integrity Checking

The system automatically checks your farm members consistently and if one fails, it takes this one out of the farm and continues with the ones left behind. This detection can be made in several ways. While one can use ordinary TCP connect, one can use more sophisticated http hashing to be sure about the content of the member. So, If a member is hacked -integrity is broken- and the page is changed, you can take it out of the farm by this way. Also, the system allows any non-standard health and integrity checking plugins embedded.


You can use several ways to schedule and redirect request to the members. Some of these ways are:

  • Round Robin: Randomly redirect request
  • Weighted Round Robin: Randomly redirect request while weights given by admin in mind
  • Least Connected: The system redirects requests to least connected member
  • Weighted Least Connected: The system redirects requests to least connected member while weights in mind
  • Direct: Statically redirect request


Also, two or more(unlimited) load balancers can be used in a high available manner by using industry standard VRRP protocol. So, if one of the load balancers is down, the other one can take the mission.

Labris Cloud Load Balancer
Copper 32 10 Mbps
Bronze 32
Silver 32 20 Mbps
Gold 32 40 Mbps
Copper 64 20 Mbps
Bronze 64
Silver 64 40 Mbps
Gold 64 80 Mbps
Platinum 64 160 Mbps
Platinum-M2-64 200 Mbps


  • TCP/IP load balancing /TCP, UDP etc.)
  • Dynamically adding or removing members from the farm
  • Stateful Redirection for http like protocols (connection persistence)
  • VRRP support for clustering
  • SNMP support for monitoring
  • GUI based management and monitoring
  • Port Mapping
  • Support for several number of farms on the same load balancer device
  • Working modes: NAT(like Cisco), Direct Routing(like IBM NetDispatcher), Tunneling
  • In tunneling mode can redirect to members which are not in the same network
  • Bandwidth management
  • Security functions
  • Optional Firewalling and IDS/IPS feature
  • Unlimited application scalability

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