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With after-sales services surrounding the devices and software it produces, Labris Networks offers a complete and end user-focused product and life cycle. We have built our product-service process in light of international standards, enabling you to use our products more efficiently. Our products boast partial firmware infrastructure, providing a great advantage in rendering better services. This allows our customers to keep their firmware updated by downloading in small packages.

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Knowledge Base

KnowledbaseLabris Info Desk is a great source for differentiated information based on different user levels as below:

  • Public Users
  • Customers
  • Labris Networks Certified Users
  • Labris Networks GSC Team

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Customer Forum

Customer ForumGet in touch with the Labris users all over the world, share your experiences, ask questions and keep updated with the latest news & features.

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Support Center

Support Center You can use the specialized Customer Service Portal of Labris Networks Global Support Center for product documents, updates and calls. The predefined user names and passwords are written on the licence document (delivered with the product installation).

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