Close security requires wisdom. Labris never abandons those who trust in its power. Because:

      1. The Cyber Warfare Laboratory (CWL):  New methods of defense are developed against new threats at CWL. At our Cyber Warfare Lab, we monitor the threats and necessary responses that emerge every day so that we can develop the appropriate cyber warfare and defense tools. What’s more, we can foresee developments, take preventative measures and avoid being caught off-guard by these emergent threats.
      2. A Robust R&D Team: Our R&D team has been together for twelve years now and has become proficient in a diverse range of highly sophisticated network topologies. The team is composed of experienced, competent engineers that graduated from globally renown universities.
      3. Anti-DDoS Product: The DDI (Deep DDOS Inspection) analysis engines behind the Harpp DDOS Mitigator were developed at CWL. As the creator of the Harpp DDoS Mitigator, we are in possession of a smart weapon against cyber threats. This smart weapon knows how to cope with the cleverest opponents due to to its accumulated, embedded wisdom.
      4. Next Generation Firewall: The laboratory has also produced specialized scanning and user-description characterizations. The core, essential and critical components of several Labris-branded products have been brought to life in this laboratory.
      5. Tailored Solutions for Tailored Projects: Labris is also experienced in utilizing its accumulated experience and knowledge to supply specialized, custom-made solutions for unusual projects.