Close security requires close support. Labris never abandons those who trust in its power. Because:

      1.  The Closest Support in the Sector: CSS (Close Security Support): With CSS – the industry’s closest, most rapid, solution-oriented support supplied at a range of SLA levels – we are now closer to you than ever.
      2. Multiple Contact Channels: We have endeavored to create many different contact channels so that you can access us as quickly and as easily as possible. In addition to our Online Call Tracking System (CTS), e-mail and phone support, Labris can also be contacted via its social media accounts. The Call Tracking System (CTS) lets your calls be assessed and a solution found in the shortest possible time.
      3. Urgent Support while under Attack – DDoS CERT: The HARPP DDoS Mitigator support team, created by Labris, provides a unique DDoS CERT service unprecedented in Turkey. This team provides emergency response while under attack so that material and immaterial losses are both minimized.
      4. Labris Forum: In the experts and users forum, you can ask all your questions to Labris experts so that all Labris users can benefit from their experience.
      5. Labris Knowledge Base: The knowledge base keeps you informed about products and their specifications. Here you can learn what you need to do in order to obtain the product characteristics that will meet your requirements.
      6. Top Level Protection: All Labris senior and middle level managers are experts. In everything they do, Labris’ top management is dedicated to their users’ close protection.