Close security requires speed. Labris never abandons those who trust in its power. Because:

      1. It’s Faster than the Threats: We are well aware that, for close protection, we need to be faster than the emergent threats. Thus our products’ threat analysis tools conduct their security controls in the most disciplined way possible. At the same time, they never compromise either your business or your systems’ performance speeds.
      2. Performance up to 80 Gbps: As part of the UTM product family, products with firewall throughput performances ranging from 350 Mbps to 80 Gbps have been developed.
      3. Plug and Play: Everything is supplied ready-to-use, each with clearly defined tasks. With the LOG product family, just connect the cables to be listened to, turn on the device and all the necessary procedures will automatically start. This is a unique advantage – given that equivalent products’ configurations take weeks.
      4. Fast Support: Labris supplies a range of SLA levels, each with optimal speeds to meet your needs so that solutions are provided in the shortest possible time. These SLAs can be up to 24/7, or set to accommodate your own operating times.
      5. Fast Growth: Labris is, also, very fast when it comes to its financial growth. As one of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in the entire EMEA region.
      6. Fast Solutions: Labris rapidly develops solutions in response to special requirements, because our customers can directly contact the solution developers meaning that their requirements are assessed and implemented first-hand. Customers do not loose valuable time from long request-handling processes with vague outcomes.