Lawful Log Management as a Service

Having no need for any change in the network, LBRLOG series can be placed as a network bridge. Bridge ports are preconfigured and ready to use. LBRLOG products are able to listen all ports at the same time, These ports can be in tap or bridge modes. Two ports are required for each bridge. HTTPs protocol can also be identified and time, source, target information is generated about the traffic. Lines carrying more than one IEEE 802.1Q VLANs can be listened by LBRLOG products. So you can log traffics in enterprise level networks, no extra work is needed. LBRLOG series offer you minimum 500 GB of internal disk storage for your need to store all internet traffic logs in your network. Time-stamping service assures you on log integrity. To remind, the method of storing the logs in an external storage may be risky; results in deletion, elimination or alteration of logs.

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