Top Tips for Battling Against Software Viruses

The types and modes of transmission of viruses have become so varied that it is a Herculean task to have your system entirely free of any virus for any length of time. Even definition of virus is not enough for describing these code blocks and they are started to be called as malware as a general word. A rogue infection caught during file transfers, uploads/downloads, internet browsing, malicious malware caught from an unsecured website or an infected ancillary device (USB, portable hard drive, microSD card) – a multitude of system threats are waiting to latch onto your system and wreak havoc. Since the advent of the new millennium, internet has exploded on the technological front while concurrently intensifying security hazards.

Understanding the threats will help you safeguard your computer software against potential and existing virus attacks.

Client Based Protection

Install Anti-virus Software:
No matter how careful you are, viruses can creep into your system and cause problems which you wouldn’t even think to connect with a virus. Instead of wasting time mulling over what the problem is, select software from the wide range available and secure your software.

Keep your Software Updated:
The most common problem with users is that they feel their job is done once they’ve installed anti-virus software. It is imperative to maintain your system’s safety by regularly updating the software. Mart software are also available that tend to update automatically when the need is sensed. Such products include a variety of brands like Labris virus related products.

Install Anti-malware Software:
There are different ways that your system can get infected:

  • File infection virus
  • Boot sector virus
  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • New generation malware

Depending on each malware’s tenacity, your system could completely shut down or a file could become corrupted and this protection software will help you detect any malware your anti-virus may have skipped. It is therefore essential that you have the best shield against such threats installed to your system.

Gateway Based Protection

All of client based protection approaches has main problem that the end user always has some methods for bypassing any security methods based on client. Also, your enterprise networks may allow connection of any other individuals’ own computers which may have no security countermeasures. This will threat your enterprise network, totally.

Gateway based protection measures should always be deployed to secure your networks. They mainly deployed just at the entrance of your network from internet.

Unified Threat Management:
UTM appliances provide main security measures such as antivirus, antimalware, antispyware for your network. Traffic passing through your gateway from internet to your network or other way will always be inspected for any badware. For example, while you are downloading attachments for your emails, your UTM will check it before reaching your computer and will warn you in case any bad content detected. UTMs are best for complementing client based protection. They should be selected in different brand from client based protection software.

Next Generation Firewalls:
NG firewalls are good for separating bad applications and malware distribution points during inspection for other security issues. They also providing very good reporting for your network and provides general view of your networks. NG Firewalls can also be acquired unified in UTMs.

Using client based protection and gateway based protection methods will provide a good security practice and more powerful than any single solution for securing your computer and network.